Questions About Buying

When will I get my order?

This is a request for quote only. The vast majority of our customers require formal quotes to bring to their board/committee or budget plan for a future purchase. This gives clients a great way to see all possibilities to save the most money!

Do I need to pick colors?

Colors are important. However, for a quote we do not require color selection. In our experience, it is best to begin by budgeting for your purchase with a quote including shipping. Please feel comfortable to request as many quotes as desired.

How can I pay?

You may use any standard credit card to complete an order by phone. Purchase orders are generally accepted from public schools and government organizations. To discuss these or alternative options of payment please contact us

Do you have anyone local?

Often the answer is yes. We rely on a large network of partners that offer our products. Depending on the shipping destination of your request our local partner will assist with customer support, including sales and service of your purchase.

When will I get my quote?

A formal quote will be sent within 24 hours on most days excluding holidays and weekends. Your quote request will be reviewed by a customer service representative to apply shipping costs and discounts when applicable. In the meantime, go play!

Can I pick up my order?

Yes, will alow you to pick up from our facilities, or we can send it home if the size of your purchase allows to.

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