Items to be checked

A. Over-All Structure

  • 1.Post and play event footings are not exposed, cracked or loose
  • 2.Clamps show no sign of slippage, cracking, or failure
  • 3.Clamp drive screws and / or pins are secure
  • 4.Welds are intact and free of cracks
  • 5.Slide and Deck Enclosures
  • 6.Challenge Ladders
  • 7.Swing, Ring, Trek, and Track Ride Cross Beams
  • 8.Arch, Curly, and Pipe Climbers
  • 9.Mounting Blocks
  • 10.No Rust or Corrosion
  • 11.No splintered, cracked or otherwise deteriorated wood (pay special attention to areas where chains or rails thread through the wood.
  • 12.No scratched, chipped or peeling paint
  • 13.Metal parts show no visible cracks, bending, warping, or breakage
  • 14.No missing bolts, nuts, screws, etc.
  • 15.All bolts, nuts, screws, etc. are tight
  • 16.All joints are secure (pay special attention to sectional slides, pipe climbers, and challenge ladders)
  • 17.All swivels, bearings, grease fittings, and moving parts are well lubricated and not excessively worn (pay special attention to tire swings, belt swings, track rides, and ring treks)
  • 18.No broken or missing parts
  • 19.No sharp edges or unsafe protrusions (check metal corners, bolts, etc.)
  • 20.No exposed mechanisms, junctions of moving parts, or components are posing possible pinch or crush points

B. Play Events

  • 1.Plastic is not cut or curled
  • 2.All slide support / anchors are intact and secure
  • 3.All "S" hooks are closed and not excessively worn

C. Swings

  • 1.All "S" hooks are closed and not excessively worn
  • 2.No exposed metal on swing seats
  • 3.Swivel rubber sleeve of tire swing is in place and not excessively worn
  • 4.Swing Chain is in good condition and not excessively worn, especially at connection points
  • 5.Connectors and chain have free movement

D. Surrounding Area

  • 1.Resilient surfacing material is not scattered or excessively worn (pay special attention to area at the end of slides and under swings
  • 2.Resilient surfacing material is adequately deep and retains its fall asborbing abilities as specified at installation
  • 3.Border apround playground is in good condition and has not come loose
  • 4.No roots, rocks, or other objects are causing a tripping or injury hazard
  • 5.Area is clean of litter (no broken glass or bottles, etc.)
  • 6.Benches are securely fastened to underlying cement pad
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