Infant/Toddler Playground Equipment

Play is important, even for a baby, which is why we carry a variety of play equipment for even the youngest children. Toddler playground equipment for ages 6-24 months is low to the ground, bright, and colorful. It’s also safe, smooth to the touch, and fun to play with. These items would look great at any day care, preschool, or nursery. Playground equipment for toddlers is not only cute, but it’s also designed optimally for little ones who are just learning how to crawl and walk. Many of the infant and toddler playground equipment options we offer include interactive elements that will inspire young minds to inspect, grab, move, and learn.

Because of the lightweight nature of many of these products, most playgrounds for infants and toddlers can be moved to suit the weather. That means it’s simple to convert your indoor play equipment to outdoor play equipment. The early months and years are important for developing key motor skills, so it’s important to encourage this by providing a fun space to play. Kids younger than two years old may not be able to handle big-kid playgrounds, so it’s important to have a play space stocked with infant playground equipment specifically built to suit their age group. Equipment like this is a great addition to a church, child-care facility, or kid-friendly public or commercial center.

Choose from our many options to find the play equipment that’s right for the little ones in your life or in your community. One of our representatives can chat with you online or over the phone about which item might best suit you and your company or organization. Feel free to contact us or check out a product’s description to see which toddler playground equipment pieces might fit your needs.

Early years of development can be positively impacted by play with specially designed infant playground equipment. Though they are not in this age group for a long time, babies and toddlers still need to be able to move around, grow, and develop mental and physical strength. Contact now: We have many different options for sale to suit even the youngest children, and we pride ourselves on our low prices and fast shipping. To buy, fill your online cart and request a free quote. Installation is quick and easy, and our professional representatives can even help you install your equipment.

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We are proud to be a top provider of high-quality, low-cost commercial kids’ play equipment. With our simple ordering process and installation and our focus on great customer service, you can feel great knowing that your satisfaction is paramount to us. We stand by our products and offer warranties on all equipment purchases as well, including each kids’ playground set in our catalog.

Our shipping methods for kids’ playground equipment are designed to make sure your order is delivered quickly and in top condition. We have experience in shipping one kids’ play structure or a half-dozen or more, and we use freight service to get your oversized items delivered to you in about three to seven days. Typically, products that are smaller than play systems arrive sooner and are shipped via FedEx, UPS, or USPS. If you would like a particular shipping method used for your order, please let us know! We are happy to work with you to make your shopping experience for your park or school playground go as smoothly as possible. Our customer service team is standing by to assist you with your order of kids’ outdoor play equipment and to help you get a free quote for your purchase.

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